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⚠️ If Promoting a Kindle Unlimited Freebie:

Choose a time period for your ad that corresponds to the length of time your book will be free on amazon. If choosing Yearly, please remember to deactivate your ad if and when the book is no longer free on amazon. THERE IS NO SCHEDULING FEATURE. Please place your ad the day it goes free, for a duration that equals the time it will be free. (1-5 days or permanent)

Select Category and Payment Term

  • 1 Login/Registration
  • 2 Select Category and Payment Term
  • 3 Enter Listing Details
  • 4 Upload Files
  • 5 Checkout
  • 6 Payment
  • 7 Finish

Please select a Category for your Ad

Please select a payment term for your Ad

Payment Term Ads Allowed Images Allowed Characters in Title Chars in Description Duration Price (currency)
1 Day Listing 1 1 No Limit 7500 1 Day
2 Day Listing 1 1 No Limit 7500 2 Days
3 Day Listing 1 1 No Limit 7500 3 Days
4 Day Listing 1 1 No Limit 7500 4 Days
5 Day Listing 1 1 No Limit 7500 5 Days
Yearly Ad

(Runs for 1 Year. You can edit or delete the listing at any time.)

1 1 300 7500 1 Year


  • * Do NOT list any erotica or erotic book covers.
  • * It is best to upload a cover image when posting. Image upload is on third page.



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