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[kleo_accordion opened=”1″] [kleo_accordion_item title=”What Is Snickslist?”]Snickslist has been promoting authors since 2009. We blast your book to thousands of followers across multiple social networks and by email. Simply place an ad for the length of time you wish, and we promote it! [/kleo_accordion_item][kleo_accordion_item title=”Can I use my listing as a landing page?”]Certainly. You can add links to all the places your book is for sale and then send people to your listing. It’s a convenient sales page for your book![/kleo_accordion_item][kleo_accordion_item title=”Can I edit my ad?”] Yes. You can edit anytime. Go to and click “Manage Existing Ads” or go to You can then make changes to your add or upload a new image. [/kleo_accordion_item] [kleo_accordion_item title=”The image is missing form my ad. What do I do to fix it?”] Follow the above steps to edit your ad and click on Add Images. (Must be under 1.5 MB) If you have trouble uploading the image, try using a different browser like Firefox. [/kleo_accordion_item] [kleo_accordion_item title=”How Do I Schedule An Add?”] We’re sorry, but there is no scheduling feature as of yet. You simply place the ad the day you wish it to go live, for the period of time you want it to run. (For kindle freebie promos, choose 1,2,3,4, or 5 days. Whichever corresponds to how long you book is free on kindle. Or run it for longer and change the price whenever necessary.) [/kleo_accordion_item] [/kleo_accordion]

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