Heart Wars

Benedict is living the dream of a happy family in the midst of a full-blown war.


Heart Wars 2

Benedict and Jeanette discover they have feelings for each other and are both confused about it.



A woman plunges headlong into the mysterious realm of the fae & confronts the demons of her past.


The Dreadful Dawn

A family must face despair as one of them becomes infected with COVID-X, and they must try to survive until dawn.



FREE with Kindle Unlimited! A 300+ years old vampire looking for second chance in love.


Tenir sa main

L’amour, lorsqu’il s’épanouit et fleurit, est un champ de fleurs qui attend d’être admiré.


The Evil Ex-Wife

Helen is a cruel, money hungry bitch who believes she’s entitled to everything. Afterall, she was Max’s 1st wife.



“This one had me up all night. What a horror is supposed to be.”

Don't Say No

What’s a woman to do when she finds a drop-dead gorgeous man stranded on a deserted stretch of road in the middle of the

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