The Butterfly Girl

The Butterfly Girl

Introducing the Second Edition of the chilling psychological horror, The Butterfly Girl, a featured novella in the 2022 Haunt anthology by Dragon Soul Press! Now revised and enhanced with new bonus content! Three additional stories for your reading pleasure!


Immerse yourself in the haunting world of Kat as she embarks on a “haunting party” with her friends at a luxurious woodland retreat.

But from the moment Kat received her invitation, fear and suspicion plague her dreams. Nightmarish visions torment her every night, leaving her to question their true nature. And things take a turn for the worse when Kat discovers she is not the sole guardian of her dreams!

A mysterious stalker lurks in the shadows, aware of the terrifying contents of Kat’s nightmares. With relentless determination, they make their presence known, leaving Kat and her friends in a state of unease.

As the group gathers at the cabin, strange occurrences hint at answers waiting to be unveiled. But during a harrowing encounter, the true essence of Kat’s nightmares reveals itself with sinister clarity, propelling the story to its extraordinary and explosive conclusion.

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