Waltzing Hearts

Waltzing Hearts

Naïve travel reporter Lisa Sparks lands on the doorsteps of a reserved Christoff Myers after a snowstorm leaves her car stranded on her visit to a town named Shaira. Through numerous memorable encounters, Lisa develops romantic feelings for Christoff as they tour Shaira. However, she leaves the town unsure about her feelings. 6 years later, she receives a diary from Christoff’s deceased grandmother narrating the events of his past. What follows next intertwines their lives as Lisa’s curious nature begins to unravel Christoff’s tumultous past. In doing so, she discovers secrets which would change the very fabric of her own existence. Facing life changing choices, Lisa finds herself torn apart between her duty as a reporter and her love for Christoff. A riveting tale of romance and sacrifice follows suit on this rollercoaster ride of a tale whose ending is bound to mesmerize its readers.

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