Tales of Whiskey Tango from Misery Towers

Tales of Whiskey Tango from Misery Towers

Missouri Towers, once the swankiest address in St. Louis, but now tagged “Misery Towers,” is a shabby apartment building blessed with breathtaking views of the iconic Gateway Arch. Amongst its eccentric dwellers is a trapeze artist whose love life is dangling from a wire, a struggling realtor who can never close a deal, a Bosnian immigrant who is infused with the spirit of Winston Churchill, an aging stripper who refuses to relinquish her grip on the pole, an undertaker on a mission of vengeance, a broken-hearted soul searching for his own pretty woman — one hooker at a time, a beat cop tired of dodging bullets, and a dogged collector of lucky pennies who picks up a cursed coin. On a hot and dangerous August night, against the backdrop of a city on edge, the interwoven lives of these characters will collide with devastating consequences.
By turns, hilarious, bawdy, tender, and tragic, Tales of Whiskey Tango from Misery Towers is a fast-paced, action-packed novel, filled with razor-sharp prose and cringe-worthy dark humor. It offers a unique insight into the psychological landscape of life in a Rust Belt city, plagued with violence and wrestling decline.  
James Aylott is a former Hollywood paparazzo and supermarket tabloid photo editor. He is the author of the award-winning novel, Tales from The Beach House. He resides in a leafy suburb of St. Louis.

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