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An underdog’s journey reveals what being part of the US Navy is like in this adventure where dark but funny life lessons create dramatically high waves.

Ambitious naval officer Jeff Carney is ready for his first assignment in the United States. But when a medical condition forbids him from working on a brand-new nuclear attack submarine, he reports to the abysmal USS EYAK. While on the “fleet tugboat,” he learns how hard times improve leadership as he must overcome conflicts with partners—including a captain who hates him, a chief finance clerk who’s resolute in driving EYAK into financial ruin, and a roommate with a flair for flatulence.

Can Ensign Carney use his determination to pass inspections for a six-month mission in the Mediterranean? Or are his career dreams sunk for good?

This comical, sometimes tragic story highlights facts about working on a ship that will have readers relishing in the hero’s antics as he struggles to keep his sanity afloat.

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