Moonlight Rocks: Murder and Magic by Yurie Kiri

Moonlight Rocks: Murder and Magic by Yurie Kiri

What would you do if God fell into your lap?

Jessy Ascher and her friends set up camp near Moonlight Rocks in the California desert to watch the Leonid meteor shower. After darkness falls, a stunningly bright meteor suddenly flashes across the sky blinding the friends to the approaching danger.

The meteorite blasts into their camp site knocking everyone unconscious but Jessy quickly regains her senses. Her friends however, cannot be roused. Instinctively she grabs the still smoking meteorite and stumbles downhill toward the jeep she arrived in, desperate to get help for her friends…

But, Jessy isn’t alone in that rough, cactus-filled landscape… two dark figures who also saw the meteor flashing down to Earth are frantically searching the same area and they are ready to do anything… even murder to get their hands on a meteorite they could sell to the highest bidder.

And what about the meteorite? Others have been waiting for its arrival. Cultists, fanatical members of nearby religious or supernatural factions – some good, some evil – believe that the meteor heralds the birth of a new Messiah and they, too, are ready to do anything to gain control of the blessed rock.

Jessy wants help for her friends, others want the meteorite for their own end, but the Meteorite, it wants something too… Death, Disappearances, And Mayhem Ensue

Is this the dawn of a new spiritual age, or just a bunch of psychos raging in the desert.

Yurie weaves a spellbinding tale that readers won’t be able to put down. Her work will leave you at the edge of your seat and anxiously turning page after page to see what happens next! Yurie Kiri is recognized as a talented writer and an exceptionally imaginative storyteller of the most original stories that transport her readers to alarming realms of intrigue, mystery, suspense and the supernatural. Artisan Book Reviews highly recommends Moonlight Rocks the third installment in the mesmerising Murder and Magic series by Yurie Kiri. Book read and reviewed by Mary Rosenthal for Arti

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