How Robots Replace Human Jobs

How Robots Replace Human Jobs

Artificial intelligence had been developed to be applied to any service , working aspects, e.g. auto-driven cars. In the future, it may replace manual transport drivers in possible, e.g. non-manual driven tram, train, bus, taxi etc. public transport service. In factory warehouse environment, it can replace some workers to deliver any goods in warehouse. In shopping center service environment, it can replace security to do patrol jobs. In restaurant, it can replace waiter to deliver food to client’s table. So, AI will assist or replace any service workers to do any kinds of simple jobs in any working environment in possible future.
In my this book, I shall concenrate on discussing whether artificial intelligence can bring what advantages or disadvantages to any kinds of office environment. How can they assist office workers’ tasks ? Why employers need artificial intelligence either assist or replace any office workers’ tasks? Can AI only bring advantages to office working environment ? I shall indicate different kinds of industry office environment whether AI can bring only advantages or advantages and disadvantages to any kinds of office working envirnments. Readers can have more clear understanding whether AI is real suitable technologic tool to assist any office workers’ tasks.

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