How Robots Influence America Market Development

How Robots Influence America Market Development

How robots technology influence productivities and service performance ? Whether it can raise productivities and improve service performance?This book aims to explain why and how future artificial intelligent technology ( big data gathering method) can be applied to assist businesses to predict why and when and how consumer behavior changes in America market. I shall explain why traditional psychological and statistic and marketing methods are applied to predict consumer behaviors, human’s judgment and analytical effort will be worse to compare AI machine’s judgment and analytical effort in America market. Also, I shall indicate different business organizations why they apply AI big data gathering method to help them to design any questionnaires ( surveys) questions which will be more valid and useful to conclude human’s questionnaires ( surveys) design questions method. This book has these research questions need to be answered: Can apply (AI) learning machine predict consumer behaviors? Can (AI) learning machine replace human marketing research method, e.g. survey or human psychological and micro and macro economic methods to predict consumer behaviors more accurate? Can future (AI) artificial intelligent machine can assist humans to learn how to reduce food waste or food loss to consumers’ food habits or manufacturers’ manufacturing processed in order to avoid the actual food or energy shortage challenges are caused from human’s food or energy consumption negligent behaviours? How to apply (AI) technology to raise labor efficiencies or productivities? Can future AI tool mind intelligence can be applied to electronic book reading market in popular? Why do ethic or moral matter is important to influence any (AI) industry development success? What will be caused negative influence to (AI) consumer consumption desire if any (AI) manufacturers do not concern (AI) ethic or moral matter? Will artificial intelligent space exploration bring long term economic, entertainment and technological benefits? What factors will apply (AI) technology to assist space tourism leisure development? Readers can have more clear understanding whether how future America develops robots market

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