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Quantum Physics for Beginners: An Easy Guide Revealing the Secrets of Quantum Mechanics

Gary Maher

Physics, and especially quantum physics, can be a really tough field to navigate through. That is why this guide is here to help you with that....
$ 0.00

Our Tea Journey: The Book of Japanese Green Tea

Cooking, Food & Wine

After traveling around Japan for years and meeting with dozens of farmers, we've compiled all of our experiences into one book. In this book, you will not only learn about tea,...
$ 0.00

Yearn to Fear: Australian Spy Thriller (The Lamarr – Book 1) by Chas Murrell

Chas Murrell
Mystery & Thrillers

Grab your FREE copy of Yearn to Fear: Australian Spy Thriller (The Lamarr – Book 1) by Chas Murrell - An exciting and compelling techno-thriller and espionage novel!!...
$ 0.00

D-Wine Stories: Wine & food, looking for a perfect love

Mark Edwine
Cooking, Food & Wine

Immerse yourself in the world of wine and food, through a quest to understand the secret rules behind the art and science of pairing wines with foods....
$ 4.99

Gopher Golf: A Wordless Picture Book

Karl Beckstrand
Children's Fiction

Two gophers feel the joy and challenges of golfing. Find the animals and cement vocabulary with this colorful sports book for kids ages 2 – 6;...
$ 0.00

Notes on the Train

Loreen De kort

From a talking pigeon to a mirror that sees all, Notes on the Train brings you closer to the author’s struggle with depression and change through the landscape of life....
$ 1.99

How Digital Marketing Can Help Your Business Beat the Competition

Webguru Infosystems

In the contemporary digital age, businesses that aspire to grow have an online destination. The realm of dotcom is saturated with numerous web and mobile applications in every possible domain....
$ 0.00


W F van der Hart
Mystery & Thrillers

From 12 september till 19 september special promo on Rejuvenation ! Only 0.99$ instead of 9.99$ ! Don't miss out! A biotechnology firm is operating in the shadows They are developing a revolutionary rejuvenation drug What would you be willing to do to stay young?...
$ 0.99

The Message for the Last Days

KJ Soze
Religion & Spirituality

This award-winning book examines the biblical quest to obtain eternal life. It guides readers through the journey in a step by step progression, from ancient prophecies to their final fulfillment....
$ 0.00

From Russia With Chile And Garlic Sauce

Johnny Two Kebabs
Comic Fiction

Who is Johnny Two Kebabs? There has been much speculation in recent years as to whether Johnny Two Kebabs really exists. Is it true that on 15th June 2011 after drinking 13 pints of lager he polished off two doner kebabs in 1 minute 59 seconds?...
$ 1.07

The Mixed Doner Murders

Johnny Two Kebabs
Comic Fiction

There has been much speculation in recent years as to whether Johnny Two Kebabs really exists. Is it true that on 15th June 2011 after drinking 13 pints of lager he polished off two doner kebabs in 1 minute 59 seconds?...
$ 1.08

Little Girl Can Dance

Tricia D. Wagner

Little Girl Can Dance - Free! on BookFunnel: A girl brave enough to dance may just find - grief sinks away through the soles of tap shoes....
$ 0.00

How Tony Learned to Read: Growing Up Dyslexic

Judy Fishel
Biographies & Memoirs

When Tony was 8 years old and still not able to read or write, his school tested him for the second time and declared that Tony’s only problem was a Pushy Mother....
$ 2.99

Cammy the Chameleon : Happy Forest Book 1

Lia Manea
Children's Fiction

Meet Cammy the Chameleon! She likes to admire beautiful landscapes and sometimes she enjoys being alone. It's the first day of Kindergarten for all the young reptiles and everybody is eager to learn new things and make new friends....
$ 1.99

An Ignorant Witch

E M Graham

First book of the Witch Kin Chronicles! Dara was born with natural power, but it’ll be her death sentence if she’s caught. The aristocratic Witch Kin hold the monopoly on all things magic,...
$ 0.00

Welfare Cheese to Fine Caviar: How to Achieve Your Dreams Despite Your Upbringing

Thomas Wideman
Advice & How-To

Ebook Discounted to $0.99 for limited time only. Also get free companion guide (pdf version) at Welfare Cheese to Fine Caviar is an excellent read that explores many dimensions of growing up poor,...
$ 0.99

365 Days of Praise, Thanksgiving & Assurance of God's Promises: Volume 2

Emmanuel Obeng
Religion & Spirituality

In the year 2020, the coronavirus (COVID-19) hit the entire world. The global pandemic brought things to a standstill. Countries underwent lockdown and fear crippled many for an expected second wave and the hope for vaccines....
$ 0.00

True Experiences with a Sorceress of the ‘Four Portals’

M.G. Hawking
True Accounts

Free on Amazon 05/09 - 05/10/2021, always Free on Kindle Unlimited. This volume details the experiences explorer M.G. Hawking and his companions had in a remote region of the Himalayas with the exceptional Mani Choejor,...
$ 0.00

A Murder for Christmas: An Amateur Female Sleuth Historical Cozy Mystery A Miss Riddell Cozy Mystery

Mystery & Thrillers

With her hometown awash with crime, a sleuth must solve a slaying. Can she save her family from a treacherous plot? Yorkshire, England, 1962. Miss Riddell definitely isn’t having a merry Christmas....
$ 0.99

How I Found The G Spot

Johnny Two Kebabs
Comic Fiction

In this second volume of his memoirs, Johnny describes how he infiltrated a dangerous gang of "activists" and thwarted a plot to carry out a series of attacks in the U.K....
$ 1.08

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Ron El's Comic Book Trivia Volume 4

Ron Glick
Arts & Entertainment

The trivia series that defines the comic world is back with a brand new volume - but only because three volumes just wasn't enough! Ron El returns to prove that there is still so much more to know about comic history - and so much more that has yet to be explored....
$ 2.99

The Second Korean War

Ted Halstead
Mystery & Thrillers

Two Russian agents discover a missing nuclear weapon was hidden in an American city by North Korea. Another nuclear weapon nears Seoul in a tunnel built by North Koreans....
$ 2.99

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