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Free Book Promotions?

Yup! We’re indie authors too. We know how much time and money it can cost to promote a book. With that in mind, we decided to open FREE book promo ads on our site! That’s right, almost all ads are now free! We’ll blast your book out on multiple social networks and direct to Kindles!

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Your Book Listing Sent to Reader’s Kindles

landing_page_center_graphic._V156427353_When you post a free book on your book will be sent to tens of thousands of followers on numerous social networks and be available on our Kindle Blog. It will also appear in our Kindle Blog on Amazon! Kindle Blogs are auto-delivered wirelessly to a reader’s Kindle and updated throughout the day so they can stay current. Readers can browse free books listed on Snickslist right from their kindle, and even download them to read! See our Kindle Blog on Amazon: