Can I List More Than One Service?

Absolutely! The best way to do this is to add each distinct service separately. For example, if you do Book Cover Design and Book Trailers, you could create a listing for each. All listings will be under your profile (Which is probably going to be your Business Name.)

How can I add Social Media Links?

Social links are included in your profile and on each service listing. A good example can be seen here:

What If I Don’t See A Category That Fits My Service?

You can start with using “Other.” Then, if you wish you can send as an email to suggest a category for us to add. We’ll do our best to add those suggestions and move the listing to the new category for you!

What Is The Best Image Size For A Business Listing?

Image should be a JPG or PNG with a minimum width of 500 px. Recommended Ratio 1.6:1
Example: Standard book cover size of 1600×2400 or minimum 500×728. It will automatically fit both the list and the services page header.

How Do I Get My Business Featured On The Home Page And Account Page?

Featured listings are rotated on some key pages in order to give you more exposure. Featured listings are rotated at the bottom of the front page, at the top of the directory page, and on the user account page. They will also be featured in our newsletter.

(We have a super, limited-time offer of $30 for a lifetime featured listing!)
There are two ways to get featured.
1. Select a featured package when listing your service.
2. If you have already added your listing, simply go to the account page and click the Star icon next to the listing you would like to feature. This will take you to the checkout.

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