In this fresh, action-filled thriller, a talented scientist is forced to unravel what happened to her memory while fighting for survival with assassins behind her back.

A young scientist, Nika Beresic, experiences an epileptic seizure and ends up in a hospital, where she discovers that her vivid dreams are more than just figments of her imagination. Unsure whether her mind is playing tricks on her or if she truly has a hidden past as a secret agent, she sets out to uncover the truth.

Her search leads her to plans for a revolutionary neurotech device that could change what science knows about the human brain. Before she can find out more about the device and a concealed project she seems to be part of, everyone involved suddenly falls silent.

Upon learning she is up against a much more powerful enemy, one who is willing to eliminate anybody deemed a liability, Nika realizes that revealing what happened to her becomes her only chance to make it out alive.

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