Tooth & Claw

Tooth & Claw

Mia Flannagan keeps to herself, doesn’t date, and prefers to work alone. No one in the sleepy town of Pinehurst has ever guessed the beautiful funeral home director’s secret…

She’s a vampire.

But Mia’s solitary existence takes a thrilling turn when the ghost of an elderly woman leads her to Liam, a wounded stranger with a dark secret of his own. Her decision to help him will intertwine their fates in ways Mia never could have imagined. But also places her in the crosshairs of a relentless hunter who will stop at nothing to catch his prey…

Even if it means driving a stake through Mia’s heart!

Step into a world where the paranormal collides with romance, and suspense keeps your heart racing. This captivating blend of urban fantasy with a blossoming love story, promises an electrifying journey that will leave you yearning for more.

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