The Timeless Apostle

The Timeless Apostle

Twenty-year-old college dropout Tommy Evans has succeeded in only one thing: making a flat-out mess of his life. He has no degree, no job, no faith, and no hope. And to make matters worse, he’s decided to move back home. He should have known better. His insufferably religious parents still cling to their superstitious beliefs in an imaginary God revered in a nonsensical ancient book.
Intent on moving on, Tommy falls asleep, dreaming of changing his life. He is unaware of just how big a change the imaginary God he doesn’t believe in has in store for him. The following morning, Tommy discovers he’s been transported back in time and now occupies the body of Thomas the Apostle. After coming to grips with his new reality and choosing to keep his identity a secret, THE TIMELESS APOSTLE follows Tommy’s journey as he transitions from atheist to apostle. But why him, and why is he there? To change something or make sure events follow the biblical storyline? And what if he makes the wrong choice? Encounters with Joanna, Mary Magdalene, Judas Iscariot, Becky, his girlfriend from back home, and, of course, Jesus and the other apostles tell the tale.

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