The Quickening

The Quickening

Sabrina Williams thought she knew everything about her parents until her mothers’ death revealed a shocking secret. Curious and desperate for answers, Sabrina travels to Torrid Springs, a town hidden from the world and a secret cabin, hoping to find clues about her past. Instead, she finds a new world of magic, mystery, and danger.
Jason, an enigmatic shapeshifter, has been bestowed with an extraordinary destiny—to become the revered alpha of his community. With this esteemed position comes the imperative task of shielding his town from the influence of outsiders and preserving its sanctity. When he meets Sabrina, he feels a connection he can’t deny. He knows she is his companion and will do anything to make her stay.
But Sabrina’s arrival in Torrid Springs has stirred a dark force that lurks in the shadows. It wants Sabrina for its sinister purposes. Can Jason and Sabrina overcome the obstacles that threaten to tear them apart? Or will they lose each other amid a war over dominance?

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