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That's How It Was

That's How It Was

A slyly funny and heartwarming tribute to childhood before technology. . . .

Have you ever wondered what your dad was like before he became a parent? Get ready to travel to a simpler time and place, where the rolling fields of a farm hold untold possibilities. Sarah never expected a simple question to her grandmother would lead her to a family treasure, a long-lost book written by her father about his childhood adventures on the farm. As she delves into the pages, she is transported to a time when her father was just a curious and carefree young boy, full of mischief and excitement. Experience the joy, laughter, and innocence of youth in this heartwarming and nostalgic read-That’s How It Was.

Playfully illustrated, That’s How It Was will capture the hearts of readers of all ages, particularly those who enjoyed Patricia McLachlain’s Caleb’s Story or classics like Little House on the Prairie.

Watch the That’s How It Was video book trailer available on YouTube

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