Technology Brings What Negative Impact To Our Societies

Technology Brings What Negative Impact To Our Societies

In my this book, I shall give my opinions to explain why I believe technology can be applied to threat our life safety. I write this book aims to let scientists and these technological product manufacturer and the ambitious and dominant countries’ leaders to consider that they have responsibilities to apply these technological products to bring any benefits to satisfy human’s needs or enjoyment. Thus, any further scientific inventions ought only aim to be contributed to satisfy human’s beneficial needs, they ought not to be manufactured to help any ambitious countries’ leaders to raise their effort to apply these technological products to attack or dominate their enemy to encourage wars in our earth.
I shall concentrate on explaining these several technological invention aspects to let scientists to consider their further scientific inventions why will cause negative impact to threaten human’s life safety if their pursuits are immoral to achieve their profit earning intention only from the ambitious countries’ leaders. These important and influential scientific inventions include that, such as artificial intelligence, biochemistry medical research, nuclear energy invention, space exploration speed and alien communication pursuit technological invention.

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