Scoreless: A Hockey Goalie Romance

Scoreless: A Hockey Goalie Romance Scoreless: A Hockey Goalie Romance

Shot, blocked.
Audrey Cathcart’s idea of a hot conversation is discussing the hockey plays of the week. Growing up around the Connecticut Commodores pro team, Audrey is used to her role as little sister to the players. Date a hockey player? No way. Date anyone at all? Probably not.

But her inexperience with love doesn’t stop Quentin “Quinn” Paris, the team’s new goalie, from getting under her skin. Try as she might to deny her feelings, Quinn’s quirky nature and too-smooth Quebec accent are irresistible.

Maybe it’s time to rewrite some rules.

Blocking shots.
Quinn Paris got the break of his life this season. Freshly called up from the minors, Quinn’s ready to give his all to the team. Rituals, routines, and superstition keep him hyper-focused and in the zone game after game. It pays off: the team is on fire.

So are his feelings for Audrey Cathcart.

Hate quickly turns to a fiery fling as Quinn and Audrey butt heads. But is a fling all this is? Can Quinn keep his routines and make space for Audrey in his life? Will Audrey lower her defenses and finally explore the rush of falling in love? Find out if this season ends in triumph or heartbreak!

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