Reducing Cost How Bring Organizations And Society Benefit

Reducing Cost How Bring Organizations And Society Benefit

Can human behavior influence economic development or technology influences economic development? Can robot influence human or organizational behavioral change in order to bring economic benefit? Can construction apply facility management method to help it to bring long term reducing cost economic benefit? Can technology become one kind of production resource in order to help organizations to reduce cost? Technology will bring only positive benefit to organizational development or negative influence also. Can education or government policy may bring economic development. Which factor is the best method to bring economic development. I shall attempt to explain above factors whether which is the best factor to help our economy to develop. In recent years, machines had been used to be human’s tasks in the performance of certain tasks related to intelligence, such as aspects of image recognition. Experts also forecast that rapid progress in the field of specialized artificial intelligence will continue. Then, it also brings this question: Does (AI) exceed that of human performance on more and more tasks? If it is truth, will some of human jobs to be disappeared? (AI) will be instead of human some simple jobs, then unemployment rate to the low skillful and low educated workers will be increased. How organizations implement facility management method to reduce long term cost ? How economic environment can influence global fuel price change? How reducing pollution cost brings airline organizations and energy supply organizations and social benefit ? I shall indicate on how economic environment can influence the relationship between airline freight service fuel consumption useful price change .Can economic measurement can predict when airline fuel price changes to airline freight service industry I shall indicate what factors cause the fuel price will raise as well as what the other external threats can cause risk to airline industry. Moreover, I shall also compare the different fuel price rising factors and other external threats whether which is the most effort to influence airline industry failure. Then, I shall give recommend how global airline industry can apply behavioral economic method to predict when the fuel price will rise possibly. I shall indicate how developed country, such as US how to apply micro economic method to predict and measure second energy will be accepted to be used by global householders to replace primary energy . What are second energy to bring human beneficial advantage and why it has more advantages more than primary energy. Is it technological product invention image or story ? Do global householders need to use primary energy to be essential energy consumption product to replace secondary energy in our future daily life ? What are the economic factors and how and why economic factors which can influence householder electricity energy consumers to impact their behaviors how to choose electricity energy every day? All these questions, I shall attempt to explain how to reduce cost can help airlines, energy supply organizations to bring benefit.

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