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Loreena : A Chronicle Gate Tale

Loreena : A Chronicle Gate Tale

Join Dot and her apprentice, Loreena, as they investigate the cause of the disappearing Mer-Dragons. But when Dot’s magic starts to backfire, they embark on a journey to restore their magic in order to finish the investigation of the vanishing creatures.
The answers that they seek may be from Taylinn, her old friend and a mage, but she evades them, leading them to a planet where they might find answers from a Mer-Dragon with powers to restore their magic but at a cost.
Dot must protect Loreena from the dangers of her own magic, but also come to terms with changes she sees in her apprentice. Will they be able to save the Mer-Dragons and restore their magic, or will their actions lead to even more trouble? Find out in this coming-of-age story. Set after the events of The Chronicle Gate trilogy but a great story on its own as well.

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