How Society Influences Human Tourism Behavioral Change

How Society Influences Human Tourism Behavioral Change

How social change influences human behavioral change ? Why human behavior may be influenced by social change? Our individual behavior whether can be influenced to bring negative or positive attitude by social change? I shall attempt to indicate cases to explain whether our individual behavior can be influenced to changed by social environment change. Readers can have more understand how and why social change may influence our behavior in possible. Behavioral economy is one useful and fun social subject. Behavioral economists ususally research how and why human behaviors may influence economy growth or recession, or how and why economy environment changing factor may influence human behavior changes.

In this book, I shall follow travel psychologists and space tourism entertainment businessmen support view points to give my opinions to attempt to answer above questions. My readers will learn how to apply new space travel strategic knowledge and (AI) or traditonal tourism marketing predict methods to solve and predict future space tourism leisure as well as cruise and destination consumer behavior more accurately.

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