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Gloria Smiled

Gloria Smiled

Amidst the serene Southwest landscape of the Rio Grande valley, a covey of quail resides peacefully under the watchful shade of cottonwood trees. But the covey’s peaceful existence is shaken when a mysterious sorpresa invades the clearing. Dun dun dunnn . . .

Meet Gloria, a spunky and optimistic quail determined to celebrate her day, but the sorpresa threatens to ruin her plans. When she sets out to throw a last-minute party for her covey, she faces countless challenges along the way. As Gloria struggles to save the day, she will need all the courage and resilience she can muster. Will she be able to overcome the odds and uncover the secret of the sorpresa?

You will love this beautifully illustrated story of disappointment, courage, and the power of resilience. And if you enjoyed the perseverance in The Most Magnificent Thing, by Ashley Spires and the birthday bustle in Bear Can’t Wait by Karma Wilson, then Gloria Smiled is perfect for you. This read-aloud, read-to-your-child book is sure to capture the hearts of children ages 4+.
Bonus glossary and activity page included!

Be sure to watch the Gloria Smiled video book trailer available on YouTube!

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