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Federico Exaggerated

Federico Exaggerated

Amidst the serene Southwest landscape of the Rio Grande valley, a covey of quail resides peacefully under the watchful shade of cottonwood trees. But the covey’s peaceful existence is shaken when without warning, an announcement of ripe hackberries causes the quails to stampede north. Dun dun dunnn . . .

Meet Federico, a quail who loves nothing more than capturing the attention of his friends with his exaggerated tales of bravery. Ironically, when his friends grow tired of his stories and head north, he accidentally stumbles onto something fantastic-unbelievable-something even he could not have imagined! Will he be able to win back his friends’ attention and prove that he is not just a boastful quail?

You will love this beautifully illustrated story about friendship, loyalty, and the power of honesty. And if you enjoyed the moral of The Boy Who Cried Bigfoot by Scott Magoon, or the Southwest flavor of The Three Little Javelinas by Susan Lowell, then Federico Exaggerated is perfect for you. This read-aloud, read-to-your-child book is sure to capture the attention of children ages 4+.

Bonus glossary and activity page included!

Be sure to watch the Federico Exaggerated video book trailer available on YouTube!

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