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Ernesto Joked

Ernesto Joked

Amidst the serene Southwest landscape of the Rio Grande valley, a covey of quail resides peacefully under the watchful shade of cottonwood trees. But the covey’s peaceful existence is shaken when a cantankerous coyote invades their territory and threatens the quails. Dun dun dunnn . . .

Meet Ernesto, a quail known for his quick wit and humor. But it’s no time for jokes-or is it? Coyote is having a bad day and demands a funny story . . . or else. Ernesto’s talent is put to the ultimate test. He must use all his cleverness and humor to come up with the right story. With his whole covey counting on him, will Ernesto think of a story funny enough to make Coyote howl with laughter?

You will love this beautifully illustrated story of friendship, bravery, and the power of humor. And if you enjoyed the Southwest flavor of The Three Little Javelinas, by Susan Lowell, or the optimism of Knight Owl by Christopher Denise, then Ernesto Joked is perfect for you. This read-aloud, read-to-your-child book will capture the hearts of children ages 4+.

Bonus glossary and activity page included!

Be sure to watch the Ernesto Joked video book trailer available on YouTube!

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