Cost reducing strategies

Cost reducing strategies

Nowadays, business society is experiencing high technology stage. Can human apply AI technology to help businessmen to reduce cost. Any businessmen must hope to learn how to reduce business cost in long time. The question is what methods can be real useful to help them to reduce long time cost aim. In nowadays business socical behavioral economic view, I shall indicate real useful business cost reducing methods in order to let businessmen can learn how to reduce their business costs in long term.
How and why technology may help human to improve talent job behavior ? What methods may help human to create clever as well as creative ability? What method may improve organizational performance ? I shall indicate robot technology invention how to train human creative ability, also I shall explain whether robot tool may help human to improve economy development or help businessmen to reduce cost, I shall explain what skills may help human to raise clever, I shall explain what method may help organizations to improve performance. Readers can learn new knowledge how to improve human development.
In my this book, I shall attempt to explain how and why human may apply AI machine or other methods to help our business activities to reduce long term cost. Readers can learn fresh behavioral economic knowledge whether businessmen may choose what methods to help them to reduce business cost.

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