The Fundraiser

The Fundraiser

An American Kindertransport story that begins in a hospital in Spain.
Joe Silverman is a talented fundraiser who can persuade anyone to do anything. In his professional life he’s a shining star working for an American charity, raising money for children affected by war. In his personal life things are very different. His marriage is on the rocks and he comes home to an empty nest at night, but at least he’ll be a free man by the end of the year. Only problem is, the year is 1938, and the rise of Hitler’s Reich threatens everyone’s freedom. When Kristallnacht strikes, Joe is already committed to feeding thousands of children in Spain, yet he knows he must act now, or he will witness the destruction of what was – once – his own people.
Caught in an impossible situation, torn by divided loyalties, and falling in love with his soulmate Elizabeth at the worst possible time – Joe races to save as many kids as he can and bring them to safe haven in America. Come with him, on this incredible journey.
An extraordinary story begins in a tiny hospital near the front line – with a handful of dreams and a small group of humanitarian workers. Even when the odds are stacked against them – Joe and Elizabeth will rise to the challenge. This is their story, based on true events, spanning the last year of the Spanish Civil War, the conquest of Vichy France and the ultimate triumph of the Allies in World War II.

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