Becoming Jesus People Volume 2: More True Stories From the 1970s Jesus People Movement

Becoming Jesus People Volume 2: More True Stories From the 1970s Jesus People Movement

A riveting 1970s journey of transformation and faith awaits you in “Becoming Jesus People Volume 2: More Inspiring True Stories From the 1970s Jesus People Movement”!
Have you ever sought solace during societal chaos and spiritual darkness?

Do you yearn for stories that resonate with your struggles, offering a glimmer of hope and inspiration?

Have you questioned your spiritual path, searching for meaning and true connection in a world full of uncertainties?

“Becoming Jesus People, Volume 2” steps into the tumultuous times of the USA in the 1960s and 1970s, recounting 19 riveting true stories of individuals grappling with life’s challenges.

In this second volume, journey with people who find Jesus as the answer to their deepest questions during the counter-cultural movement. These tales, all connect at Faith Center in Eugene, Oregon—a church welcoming hippies seeking spiritual refuge.

This collection mirrors the raw and inspiring style of Volume 1, with each chapter offering another person’s testimony of transformation when they meet Jesus. This book also includes the long awaited personal story of the highly respected pastor Roy Hicks Jr.

Brace yourself for an adventurous exploration of faith, love, and transformation:
Be Amazed with Radical Transformations: Experience lives upturned as individuals find Jesus in unexpected places.
Witness Divine Guidance: Explore how divine interventions steered destinies and brought clarity in times of confusion.
Feel the Power of Community and Connection: Uncover the unbreakable thread weaving through stories of love, support, and shared journeys.
Encounter Miracles and Redemption: Dive into tales of the miraculous, divine grace, redemption, and lives transformed from sin and despair.
Explore Faith in Action: Uncover discipleship tactics turning youthful wanderers into radical followers of Jesus. And how church leadership navigated revival.
And more!

Strengthen your faith and immerse yourself in a world where love breaks through despair. “Becoming Jesus People Volume 2” offers a riveting dive into a historical move of God that paved the path for the freedoms we now experience in our own faith. Through edge-of-your-seat first-person storytelling, experience revival, hope, and purpose through these powerful true tales.

Grab your copy of “Becoming Jesus People Volume 2” today and receive a BONUS—a link to 550+ teaching archives of Roy Hicks Jr. to download for FREE!

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