The World of Research

The World of Research

What is science? What isn’t science? How does it all work? And why?

Research is pretty messy and difficult, and it’s also the cornerstone of science. So how about we talk a bit about it?

In this book, I aim to give a brief introduction to different aspects of research in general, including methods, logic, community, and also its relation to science, knowledge and reality.

And in the meantime, I’ll also discuss some topics people don’t always talk about but which are also very important to it, such as publications, career, theories and laws, argumentation, limitations, and even measurement!

It’s a bit of a rollercoaster, I admit, but I did my best to discuss these subjects in a simple and intuitive way, to serve as an introduction to this very complicated subject that is research. I also included a “Further reading” section in the end if you want to know more about some aspect of it.

I hope this book proves useful to you!

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