The Whisper of Wings: Historical Romance

The Whisper of Wings: Historical Romance

“Loved this story!”
“I enjoyed the thorough details of this book, most describing things of beauty, very much a nice escape. Wholesome entertainment.”

When a beautiful, helpless waif stumbles upon his doorstep, British-born millionaire Christopher Standeven is too kind not to take her in. The poor girl is starving, bedraggled, and presumably suffering from amnesia. Eager to have someone to spoil again, his aging housekeeper instantly sets about administering to the young woman’s needs. With his only son grown now and his wife having died long ago, a helpless girl in peril is just the thing to jolt Christopher out of the rut he’d been in for years. But his beautiful waif has a secret. Will he discover it before she runs away? When Michaela finds herself in the loving environment Christopher Standeven provides for her, she can almost forget the horror of her past. She becomes caught up in the warmth and family atmosphere and finds herself falling desperately in love with Christopher. But she cannot bring herself to tell him the truth she knows will drive them apart.

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