The Manila Vigilante

The Manila Vigilante

The crime rate in Manila was the lowest in decades. Drug addicts and pushers are virtually nonexistent. Newspapers are almost out of business for lack of bad news except for the occasional scandals of stars and politicians whose popularity were fading. So, news of the brutal massacre of a doctor and his family in Ermita, Manila came like an electric shock. Ex Marine Brando. the godfather and close friend of the slain doctor, vowed to hunt down the culprits one by one. As he identifies the perpetrators, he soon discovers that he was just scratching the surface of a powerful drug empire.
The spectacular killings of two of Manila’s most wanted criminals made the Manila Vigilante the stuff of headlines and quickly became a legend.. Now he is feeling remorseful and thinking of calling off the remainder of his plan. But then he thought of the thousands of lives he will save which are more precious than the lives of the three crooked thugs.

In the tradition of Marvel’s ‘The Punisher’ and Charles Bronson’s ‘Death Wish’ comes their Filipino counterpart: ‘The Manila Vigilante’, a fast paced crime action thriller from JM Alvarez.

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