The Fall

The Fall

A love story that carries its bitterness. How much happiness life will bring us, it will also take away from us what we least expect. How many life meetings will all the stars show us?! There may be an unexpected number of them, but there’s only one hidden between them that’s been meant for us a long time ago to follow. Someone’s going to live a long life, but they’re not going to be met by what’s supposed to completely enlighten him and make him happy. And vice versa. He didn’t give anyone a fate to be in this world for a very long time, but he’ll be struck by what would envy the one who survived a hundred years. Sometimes it seems that the suffering has no end, and yet we meet a man who lights up our stars for life. It’s love. And it can only be genuine if it brings with it pain, suffering and loss. This life story that describes this journey is no different from these life’s rules.

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