The Evil Ex-Wife

The Evil Ex-Wife

There’s no stopping Helen. She’s a money hungry bitch and will stop at nothing to reclaim what she believes is rightfully hers. Afterall, she was Max’s first wife. She had to put up with all his peculiarities. And when he was drafted to serve in the Vietnam war, what did he expect her to do? She was a young woman with needs. But she never imagined he’d come home a day earlier than expected and find her in bed with her lover. Divorce. She did not expect that. Max remarried Joan. Helen’s heart soared years later when she learned his second wife had died. Abusive and cruel to her second husband, Morris, Helen shoves him temporarily into a nursing home and puts her evil scheme in motion. Her plan is to gain Max’s trust and then his assets. Max is lonely. Helen is clever and a master manipulator. Sometimes, that can be a deadly combination.

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