Angelique is running for her life, hiding in plain sight.

“Well written, well-paced, and fun to read.”
“The heroine, Angelique, is strong, smart, and beautiful, a powerful combination.”
“The action starts in the first chapter, and only stops long enough for you to catch your breath before starting up again.”
“A science fiction thriller-romance, and does a really good work in all those areas.”

Angelique Hunter works for a cutting-edge robotics company programming and designing some of the most lifelike robots in the world. She’s spent her life working to achieve her goals, only to realize that her skills have been used to build a killing machine. Now she’s running for her life, hiding in plain sight, and praying that no one discovers her secret.

High Tech, Robots, Artificial Intelligence, Mystery, Love, Cyberpunk, Corporation, Strong Female Lead
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