Gloria Smiled

Gloria Smiled

In this jaw-dropping episode, Gloria is determined to celebrate, but a mysterious sorpresa in the clearing threatens to ruin her plans. With optimism and determination, Gloria sets out to save the day, but will she be able to overcome the odds? Join Gloria as she travels through the woodland known as the bosque (boss-kee) to uncover the secret of the sorpresa.

If you enjoyed the perseverance in The Most Magnificent Thing, by Ashley Spires and the birthday bustle in Bear Can’t Wait by Karma Wilson, then you will love Gloria Smiled. This read-aloud, read-to-your-child book is sure to capture the hearts of children ages 4+ and might even gain the notice of some adult kids as well.

Beautifully illustrated with Kim Sponaugle’s vibrant watercolors, Gloria Smiled increases vocabulary, while delivering a subtle faith-inspired message about selflessness and resilience.

This picture book is book three of the Henry and Friends Series.

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