Enlightenment Codes for Cosmic Ascension

Enlightenment Codes for Cosmic Ascension

★ REVEALED ANCIENT MYSTERIES★ since the beginning of Time and Space!

· What creational force is beyond our Cosmos?
· How is our Cosmos and Source Field built?
· Who are we and how is our divine spark and soul structured?
· How, where, and why did we come into existence?
· How is existence structured?
· How can we embody our own Truth, our Soul?
· Why are we here now on Earth?
· Who do we become when we embody our GOD/GODDESS energy?
· How can we experience the Garden of Eden resonance in our heart?

· ✓ These cosmological mysteries unveil themselves and guide you through them via meditation and initiation, infusing the cellular memory of your body, awakening the memory of your divine potential and the God/Goddess energy in your heart.
✓ A DNA upgrade stirs within the true story of our soul’s creation and dormant creational codes.

· ✓ Together with the soul of Earth, you undertake this journey side by side, modelling the New Earth Light Body as she unfolds her sacred geometry, collapses her dimensions, and ignites her inner starlight, transitioning into Star Consciousness. We awaken our Diamond Heart.

· ✓ Surrender and the multidimensional and encoded words will ignite within. Universal and timeless, it reveals the immeasurable depths to which we as souls are exposed to evolve towards Cosmic Ascension.

· ✓ In this pivotal period, where timelines split, time speeds up, and dimensions collapse, we are exposed to high frequencies of light. This Golden Age offers us the Garden of Eden resonance, a New Earth and the Master Blueprint for Full Ascension—a coded roadmap, for many long extinguished in the subconscious.

· ✓ Coming HOME occurs in different phases and depths throughout this Light Tablet. First, we come home to ourselves, to our feminine and masculine soul energies, our multidimensional soul essences. Second, we can draw twin soul aspects, twin flames, twin sparks, and bring them home into our hearts and our (over)soul essence. This Light Tablet stirs our greater soul identity and, for Self-Realisation, can draw parts of us, reflections, from the outside world.

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