Developmental and Line Editor

Developmental and Line Editor

Have you written a book, but you aren’t sure if it’s ready for public consumption? Do you have most of a rough draft done, but you’re stuck in a couple of places in your plot? Is your plot complete, but your characters keep misbehaving? Do you have the structure of your book set, but it reads a bit flat? It sounds like you need a developmental or line editor, and I’m here to help!

So, what does a developmental editor do? In a nutshell, they look at the โ€œbig pictureโ€ aspects of an authorโ€™s manuscript, such as character and plot development, pacing, dialogue and interior monologue, timeline, settings and imagery, and continuity. After this analysis, a developmental editor will provide editorial queries, pointing out story-level issues that need improvement. They will also provide an explanation of why these are issues, the consequences if you donโ€™t deal with them, and suggestions for how they can be fixed.

How does this differ from a line editor? Rather than looking at the broad issues, line editors will evaluate your manuscript at the sentence level, inspecting your content, writing style, and language. They wonโ€™t delve into your manuscript looking for errors. Instead, they will focus on how well you convey your story to your reader.

To meet your particular needs, I offer a couple of developmental editing options and an all-inclusive line edit package. Visit my website to find out which option will work best for you, or book your free consultation at

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