Artistic Origins

Artistic Origins

Artistic Origins is a full service publishing company that has been in business since 1995. We will read every word of your book and give you an honest opinion of the work. If it requires editing, we’ve got you covered. When it comes time to publish your book, we take the worry out of the equation by formatting your text so it is beautifully presented in eBook or paperback. Your cover will be the very best for a reasonable price. We will even walk you through uploading your book to the world.

As an author of five series (cozy mystery*, YA science fiction/fantasy*, adult shape-shifter, and dystopian*), a stand-alone sci-fi romance adventure, and six nonfiction books, Dawn knows the importance of a good looking book. Manu of her books have won awards. You can see them on her website.

Three of her nonfiction books have won awards. Nine of her 15 screenplays (comedies, dramas, horror, action adventure and science fiction), have won awards and are on the way to becoming eBooks and paperbacks.

Contact Dawn to discuss your project.

* = award-winner

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