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Ghosts and demons are integral to folklore all over the world. You may find the reference given to them in many textures on religion and philosophy. In this book, you will find tales of ghosts inspired by real encounters experienced by certain people. Some specific ghost figures have also been described at the end of the book.
A short story from the book: In the middle of the night in December, a person driving a car on a desolate highway finds a lonely woman asking for help. The person stops the car and asks about her problem. She says that she lives in a nearby village; her husband had left her there 2 hours ago when they were returning from the town on a motorcycle. He said he would return soon, but never back until now. She wanted to return to the house as soon as possible and consult about her husband. The driver agreed to leave her at home. The woman sat on the driver's left side and he began to drive the vehicle. They spoke for a few minutes, then silenced. About half an hour later, the man asked, "how far away is your village now"
He didn't hear back from his left side. He repeats the question and then turns his head towards the woman. He was astounded to discover that the lady had been disappeared.
The vanishing spirits have been a popular subject for the tales of ghosts found across entire India. Many people claim that they found a person disappearing mysteriously from their car.

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