Sandra The Manifest Queen

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Sandra is a simple girl with simple dreams. She just wants to travel the world — that’s all! As far as she and her mother know, Phuket, Thailand is a fairytale island in Asia where great, white sands line the shores. This is why Phuket is their first stop when she finally makes their dream of traveling the world a reality. However, she’s just a kid! How will she ever get the money to pay for their trip? Well, Sandra is one crafty little girl. She dreamed, she planned, and she finds a way every day to get closer to her goals. And, without even realizing it, Sandra spoke her dreams into existence. Of course, a little elbow grease and some forward-thinking were also needed! Will Sandra make her dreams come true? Find out for yourself in “Sandra the Manifest Queen” by Larrian Unique Davis! Follow the tale of a little girl who always knew what she wanted for her future and then did everything she could to make it a reality. In this wonderful story about self-discovery and finding one’s passion, let Sandra teach your kids a thing or two about what it means to be a big-picture thinker, as she saved and invested her money as well as manifested the future she’s always wanted! Grab a copy today

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