Kingdom Road: Pursuing the Presence of God (31-Day Life in the Spirit Devotional)

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Susan Rohrer
Religion & Spirituality

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About the Book:

Experience God Today

Jesus made these astounding statements: the kingdom of God is at hand. It's in our midst.

The question is, do you believe it? Does that sense of eternity burn within you every day, compelling you to pursue the continuing power of God in your here and now?

路 Walk in your Father's presence
路 Follow in the footsteps of Jesus
路 Stay in step with the Holy Spirit
路 Hear God's voice
路 Move in your spiritual gifts

Start today with this Bible based, 31-Day Life in the Spirit Devotional guide, from the author of The Holy Spirit - Spiritual Gifts: Books 1 & 2. Apply what you've learned about your gifts of the Spirit and hearing God's voice to your everyday life.

Just as Jesus did, step away from the crowd. Set your eyes on your heavenly Father. Pursue the present company of the Holy Spirit. Discover the powerful reality of Heaven on Earth that was promised to all believers.

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