Fruit Woman

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About the Book:

"I love Kate Rigby's writing and I think this novel is my favourite. It's beautifully written and fully demonstrates this author's evocative descriptive powers. I felt as if I was visiting Myrtle cottages, the river, Serendipity, and the surrounding Devon countryside for myself.
The characters are also beautifully drawn, especially the sisters, Helen and Cathy, although all the members of their quirky, complex family are vividly portrayed, as are their ambiguous friends.
In this novel, Kate Rigby's storytelling is subtle and poignant. I don't want to spoil the story for other readers so I will only say that I was completely gripped by the unfolding of events.
This is not a book for people who like their plots simple and obvious, but if you appreciate a more complex and sensitive story that's brilliantly told, this is definitely for you." Amazon reviewer

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