Dilly Dally Sally, a lost duckling finding her way home - free until 16 October 2021 on Amazon

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About the Book:

Free on Amazon until 16 October, always Free on Kindle Unlimited. Take a break, enjoy nature and get lost in the magic of a duckling's life along the canal in East London. It's reality with a dash of fiction and rhyme.

Three eggs hatched on a quiet summer day.
In the beginning the ducklings would stay
close to their mother, never to stray,
but ducklings love exploring and swimming away.
Sally stopped to stare on a lazy afternoon.
A bird was singing a lovely tune.

Amazon Reviews:
"A lovely little book. The photographs of the natural world added to the eternal story of a quest for home make this an absolute delight. Can't wait for more : )" - 5 stars from Ian Ayris

"Dilly Dally Sally is a fun picture book with a light-hearted plot and friendly artistic voice. The narrative drive is cheerful and endearing, especially for nature lovers and wanderlusts like me. Highly recommended to nature lovers and young readers to spur their imaginations." - 5 stars from Thomas Muriuki

"My 3 year old daughter had demanded me to read this to her repeatedly for 8x and counting......." - 5 stars from David Chan

It's a great story book for learning and doing activities during or afterwards. A fun read for kids and adults.

Get your copy of Dilly Dally Sally and have a dilly dally day.

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