My First Dog by Bruno Wilson

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About the Book:

Bruno Wilson’s memoir, My First Dog, follows his beautiful, redemptive friendship with a special dog.

A journey of triumph and resilience. Hang on for the ride as the intricacies of life are explored through the lens of a boy and a dog. Appreciate just how valuable a relationship such as theirs can be. Reflect and relate as the unpredictable path of fate leads to lessons of joy, contentment, humility, pain, guilt, empathy, and love. Find yourself discovering these experiences as if they were your own. And turn the last page over having gained a new perspective of the world and what happens next. "There is much to learn from the relationship of man and dog."
- The Author

My First Dog by Bruno Wilson is the profound and heartfelt story of a dog’s transformative love and the journey therein and comes highly recommended by Artisan Book Reviews.

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