The War of the Shadows

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About the Book:

As the secret WAR OF THE SHADOWS unravels under our very noses, we who are mere flesh and blood cannot fathom the real causes behind the Climate Crisis and despotic powers that would lead the world into ruin. Nevertheless, we’re here, and we have our part to play in this multi-millennial conflict that began before recorded History.

Understand me when I say that every time you’ve heard of vampires, aliens, demigods and superheroes, THEY had a hand in it. Every ghost story, paranormal event and poltergeist you’ve ever heard of was at least partly THEIR doing. They’re the titans of Olympus and the giants of Asgard. They’re the faeries and the pixies that haunt the woods. The truth behind dragons and griffons.

"WAR OF THE SHADOWS" is the first installment in the Feydtouched fantasy action series. Follow a hero's journey as ERROL CORBIN uncovers his legacy, the perilous challenges looming before him and the harrowing threats to Humanity's survival. All while undergoing a personal journey of self-discovery and healing.

What to Expect:
*Strong, Male & Female Characters
*Fantasy & Sci-Fi Crossover
*Lots of Action & Adventure
*A Bit of Mystery & Intrigue
*Some PG13 Romance
*An Insightful Take on a Few Contemporary Issues

Genre: Action & Adventure / Sword & Sorcery / Magic Realism / Alien Invasion / High Adventure / Urban Fantasy

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