A Twist of Fate

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About the Book:

Two lovers destined to meet, but are they destined to be?

Fate can often be tricky, especially when it comes to matters of love.

Violet had never been beyond the hills of her small cottage, but when she loses it all she finds herself en route to Grayscott Manor. Under the assumption she is going to work there, she braces herself for a new life very different from the one she has led. What she finds, however, is far from what she could ever have expected.

Duke Charles Hollinger of Grayscott is handsome, rich, and everything a real-life Prince Charming should be. Struggling with a grief he cannot seem to rid himself of, he makes one wrong decision after another. But when it comes to Violet, he would do anything and everything to give her a life of joy.

A novel about courage, love, and forging your own family when all seems lost.


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