Year of the Sheep

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The clan chief wants to remove the people living in the Highland glens and straths, replacing them with thousands of black-face Cheviot sheep and a few herders.
The people of the glens, who have lived there peacefully for hundreds of years, do not wish to go.

That was the essential conflict of the Highland Clearances, a sad time in Scottish history. Based on actual events, James Y. Bartlett's epic retelling centers on the northern Highland shire of Sutherland, where the clan chief in 1805 was a woman, Elizabeth Gordon. And the people she ordered out of the Highland glens were mostly women, as the husbands and fathers had all been sent off to Europe to fight in the King's armies against Napolean Bonaparte.

In the fictional village of Glencullen, the women, fighting for hearth and home, decide to make a stand. They are assisted by the White Witch of Glencullen, by the niece of Elizabeth Gordon's wealthy British husband and by the strange, almost shape-shifting outlaw known as Billy Hanks. Opposing them are the evil factor, the troops of the Black Watch and the full weight of history. The sweep of the story runs from the Battle of Culloden Moor in the Rising of the '45, to the chaotic events of the French Revolution in Paris and to the final confrontation in Glencullen itself.

This is a story of Scotland without a happy ending, but with all the vivid characters, strong beliefs, stories and songs of the little people and the magick they hold and the magnificent settings of all tales of the Highlands and the brave and bonnie lads and lasses throughout history.

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