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Free on Amazon September 18th thru September 21st, always Free on Kindle Unlimited. While deep in the Great Range of the Himalaya, the author and his companions experienced three encounters with individuals they believe to have been the fabled Ri-iha-mo, the “mountain celestials” of ancient legend. Experience these extraordinary encounters for yourself and explore the profound message conveyed by the Ri-iha-mo.

Throughout the Himalayan regions of Asia, there have endured remarkable accounts of “celestial beings” who, having arrived from “another world” in an antediluvian era of prehistory, still dwell in a concealed inner region of the immense frozen fortress of the Great Range. Are these ubiquitous legends merely myths? Or are they representative of some vaguely remembered reality passed down through generations beyond count?

Absent an ember, there can be no smoke; there is a kernel of truth in all such ancient legends and they cannot be easily, or wisely, dismissed, especially in light of today’s astronomical knowledge. Current estimates of the number of planets in the known universe is 80 sextillion (an 8 with 22 zeros behind it) (JPL/Caltech, 2018).

In the largest sense, this book deals with fundamental concepts about our world as expressed to us by the Ri-iha-mo. The average person’s perceptual concepts of day-to-day “reality” do not have, nor have ever had, a fixed ontology. Multiple versions of “reality” are presented and enacted theoretically by the natural sciences, the social sciences, political science, as well as by various theologies. And those multiple ontologies clash in many profound aspects.

By shaping our understanding of the world, concepts influence not only the reality we live in, but the reality we aspire to live in. And yet, those concepts have neither given nor fixed identities, but only contested and largely precarious histories. The concepts we have so far accepted about “reality” have led us to the present global situation as well as our personal life situation, and the concepts we accept about reality will be crucial to the sort of world we will inhabit in the future.

Some valuable ideas have been suggested to study those multiple concepts of “reality”—they consider it this way: The driving question is no longer ‘what is the truth?’, but ‘what result does any given concept have in practice?’ This is a practical and effective approach. And herein lies the value of this book—the concepts explained to us by the Ri-iha-mo penetrate to a deep and perhaps most fundamental level of reality. Their concepts point to a new paradigm; of ideas, of realizations, of a profoundly deeper understanding of our world, e.g.:

The Universe is a living thing, a cosmic unity of conscious process rather than a chaotic array of unrelated parts, as most of your species believe.” —Proci, a Celestial

Transcribed directly from the journals of explorer M.G. Hawking’s sixty-two months in the Himalayas, this book contains detailed narratives of the conversations the author and his companions had with the actual Ri-iha-mo, the legendary celestials, or “mountain goddesses,” as the Tibetan term translates. During their second and third encounters, the Ri-iha-mo disclosed extraordinary knowledge about our universe, our planet, and our true nature, wisdom that can greatly assist in understanding ourselves, our world, and our role and power in creating precisely the life we desire.

An incomparable book for anyone interested in expanding their knowledge and personal power, and deeply rewarding for those fascinated with the endless ancient accounts of extraterrestrial influences. 2021 Edition Kindle Unlimited Book, e-reader page count 320 (estimated, varies depending on the reading device used). For more information, please see the ‘Look Inside’ feature on the book’s Amazon page. Thank you.

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