The Friendless Caterpillar - A Colorful Bedtime Story Book for Kids of 3-5 years and above

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Elisa Anderson
Children's Fiction

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About the Book:

Any kid that loves a good bedtime story will love “The Friendless Caterpillar”
The story is about an optimistic little caterpillar that just hatched from his little egg only to find out how cold the outside world can be as he finds it very, very difficult to find any friend with whom he can play.
Will the caterpillar ever find true friendship?
If he does, at what costs?
Find the answer in this book!

This is a great bedtime story you should get to read to your kids, boy or girl, at nighttime!
This is a suitable English story book for children to read aloud to your kids as they will learn about such virtues as Hopefulness, Optimism, Forgiveness and learning to apologize with colorful pictures for the kids to watch while you read to them about the little Friendless Caterpillar on his quest to find a friendly bug.

Great story book for toddlers, 4-5 year olds, boys and girls alike!
Get this bedtime story book on your shelf and start reading the tale about the friendless caterpillar written in a fun and amusing way to engage the kids!

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